• We are open source synthetic biology.
    Our hybrid open-proprietary model builds proprietary applications onto open-source synthetic biology platforms. These proprietary applications become our MicrobialBot™ technology portfolio.
  • What We Do.
    Our open source synthetic biology platforms mimic natural selection. This biomimicry approach enables us to leverage millions of years of "prototyping" by natural selection. This speeds us forward in our areas of expertise: water, foods, fuels, chemicals, therapeutics, and materials.
  • Genetics Rights Management (GeRM™)
    Each MicrobialBot™ strain is developed with its own unique genetics rights management (GeRM™) consumable key system. If the low cost molecular keys are not present in the feedstock, the MicrobialBots™ self-destruct. The GeRM system is similar to digital rights management, which is used by the software industry to protect its digital assets. GeRM enables us to ship our products via synthetic biology knowledge and consumable keys, instead of genetically modified organisms (GMO). In addition to protecting MicrobialBots against theft and environmental release, the GeRM system enables an economic development platform for creating home-grown synthetic biology industries.

    For more information about the GeRM value proposition, please visit our GeRM page.

Microbial Robotics is a global biotechnology firm that rapidly prototypes synthetic biology-based products for industrial customers. We create open, patented, and proprietary bacterial (BactoBots™) and viral (ViruBots™) technologies. These organism-based MicrobialBots™ perform functions for the water, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. MicrobialBots produce chemicals, sense changes, build materials, and perform functions.